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Delicious Cuban or Colombian premium coffee (CAFÉ CON CALMA)
combined with high quality heat resistant broad spectrum CBD isolate.

  • Broad spectrum CBD premium coffee with 1 % CBD content
  • 1 % CBD | 0 % THC
  • Certified high quality tested by third party lab
  • Roasts: Cuban espresso, Colombian coffee
  • dark roast ground
  • 1 package = 220 g = 220 mg CBD = for 9 coffee pots
  • 1 coffee pot = 25 g coffee = 25 mg CBD
  • 1 coffee cup = 2 heaped teaspoons of coffee


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A perfect morning starts with a good cup of coffee, stimulates the spirits, makes you awake and simply tastes like a successful day!
The pleasure is made even better by the balancing power of CBD to prevent nervous restlessness after coffee consumption and give clarity.

The heat-resistant broad spectrum CBD isolate is preserved during the brewing process and the finely roasted coffee thus makes the everyday coffee ritual even more of a pleasure.

The combination of caffeine and CBD creates an excellent synergistic effect. While caffeine has a stimulating pick-me-up effect, CBD balances it out with its calming effect.

What is the difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum?
Full spectrum CBD means that in addition to cannabidiol oil (CBD), other cannabinoids are included. Among others THC. The THC content is less than 0.2% and is therefore legal. The various cannabinoids, including plant terpenes, enhance the natural properties of CBD oil. This effect is also called the entourage effect.

A broad-spectrum CBD, on the other hand, is free of THC, but has other components of the hemp plant besides CBD, which also lead to the aforementioned entourage effect

Does your CBD coffee have an intoxicating effect?
No. Our CBD coffee has no intoxicating effect. Our two CBD coffees contain 1% broad spectrum CBD. The THC content is 0% and therefore does not lead to an intoxicating effect.
How quickly does an effect occur after taking your CBD coffee?
The two ingredients caffeine and CBD complement each other excellently and reinforce each other positively. The CBD weakens the unpleasant properties of caffeine, such as restlessness and nervousness. The increased alertness caused by caffeine is even prolonged by the addition of CBD isolate.


Our CBD coffee (CAFÉ CON CALMA) is in powder form. We currently offer 2 different roasts.

  • – Roasts: Cuban espresso, Colombian coffee
  • – Broad Spectrum CBD Premium coffee with 1% CBD content
  • – 1 % CBD | 0 % THC*
  • – certified high quality tested by third party laboratory
  • – dark roast ground

High-quality pure CBD isolate is added to our premium coffee. The special feature is the heat-resistant broad spectrum CBD isolate. Thus, you can confidently pour boiling water over your coffee without having to worry about the effect of CBD.

How much coffee powder should I use?
Everyone enjoys their coffee in different ways. Some prefer their coffee stronger, others milder.

We feel the following quantities are optimal:

  • – Coffee pot brew with 25 g CBD coffee
  • – Coffee cup brew with 2 teaspoons of coffee powder

Even for coffee machines like Nespresso machines, you can also fill a reusable capsule and use it afterwards.

CBD Oil / Coffee Recipe

A very tasty recipe how you can prepare yourself a unique delicious coffee with added CBD drops. We have tested the recipe ourselves and found it to be extraordinarily tasty. Here the CBD coffee was refined with 10 drops of CBD oil vanilla and honey. The vanilla note from the CBD oil gives the coffee a unique taste.

Ingredients: CBD Coffee Espresso Roast: Cuban, CBD Full Spectrum 5% Vanilla Flavor, Honey

1. Take 2 heaped teaspoons of coffee and pour them over 200ml of boiled water
2. add some honey (1 teaspoon)
3. add 10 drops of CBD oil vanilla
4. Stir and let the coffee grounds sink (about 1 – 2 minutes)
5. Enjoy coffee with vanilla aroma


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Cuban Espresso, Colombian Cafe

Colombian coffee: ground coffee & CBD broad spectrum isolate
Cuban Espresso: Ground Coffee & CBD Broad Spectrum Isolate

CBD Broad Spectrum Isolate contains 1% CBD and 0% THC


1 review for CAFÉ CON CALMA

  1. Diana

    Delicious, healthy coffee. Already when infusing a delicious aroma and the taste is great. I drink it every morning and the day starts with relaxed energy without any side effects. No heart palpitations, no nervousness or heartburn. The perfect start to the day with Café con Calma

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